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    Viper wet rag heat blocking putty is a reusable heat blocking putty that helps to keep piping and sensitive components cooler than a traditional wet rag all the way through brazing, soldering or welding. Simply mold putty in front of area that must be safe from heat. Braze, solder or weld. Let heated areas cool. Eliminate putty and place back into jar. Re moisten with a couple of drops of water if putty becomes dry. Just right for as much as 40 uses. Features: Reusable protects surfaces, valves and other sensitive parts from heat damage blocks direct and conductive heat transfer no mess formula use with map/pro, oxy/acetylene, mig, tig, arc and propane torches non toxic.

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    It’s reusable
    Protects surfaces, valves
    Blocks direct and conductive heat transfer
    No mess formula