Magnetic Vent Cover –8″




    Vents wish to be metal. Our product can only be used on Steel registers only. It cannot be used on aluminum, plastic, or wood registers.


    “#1 Magnetic Vent Cover in the Marketplace that Reduces Sound”

    Introducing our most recent product that will help you eliminate the airflow into the unused spaces of your home and greatly reduce the amount of heating and AC cost associated to controlling the temperature in those spaces.

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    ✅ Extra Magnetic
    ✅ Dramatically Reduces Sound
    ✅ Can Be Cut with Scissor
    ✅ Three Times the Thickness
    ✅ Sturdy and Flexible
    ✅ For Wall/Floor/Ceiling
    ✅ ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    ✅ Stylish Color
    ✅ Risk-Free Guarantee

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    ✅ ANISOTROPIC MAGNETIZATION PROCESS – Most magnetic vent covers waft away when you turn on the air. This could be a frustrating experience, but our vent covers are extra magnetic and 1.5-millimeter thick, so it grips your vents with twice the strength and maximum durability. Our vent covers are also three times thicker than normal vent covers in the marketplace. Next time when you turn on your AC, you won’t have to worry about your vent covers falling off because our product is very sturdy.
    ✅ DRAMATICALLY REDUCES SOUND – Having loud noises coming through your wall or ceiling vents can be very disturbing and keeps you up at night. Premium quality magnetic vent cover by Kelbert is your perfect solution because it’s probably the most only magnetic vent covers in the marketplace that reduces sound traveling through air vents. It’s a must buy if you care about sound reduction.
    ✅ SAVE MONEY BY REDUCING WASTED ENERGY – Don’t waste money anymore on heating! Our magnetic vent covers are made from very flexible material that will control and seal off air float completely, which can help you save thousands of dollars per year. This can be used for homes, RVs, HAVC units, and furnace vents. It also sticks to the ceiling vents nicely without ever falling off. All our magnetic vent covers are carefully inspected and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    ✅ CUSTOMIZE YOUR COVER SIZE – Not sure if this elegant magnetic vent cover is the right size for you? Not a problem. Our premium quality magnetic vent cover can be trimmed perfectly with scissors so you’ll be able to make it any size you wish to have. The original dimension of the vent cover is 8 inches by 15.5 inches, which fits perfectly with most air vents.
    ✅ RISK-FREE GUARENTEE – Still not sold? At Kelbert, we’re so confident with our high-quality magnetic vent covers that we’re willing to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee so to purchase with confidence, no questions asked. Pick up your premium magnetic vent cover by Kelbert now and you won’t regret it later. Satisfaction guaranteed.