Sensorcon Inspector 2


    Designed primarily for industrial and commercial applications, the Sensorcon INDUSTRIAL displays carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations as little as 1 ppm and features visual, audible and vibrating alerts, low level (35 ppm) and high level (200 ppm) alerts, and Intrinsically Secure certification. Even with a presumed presence of CO, (Carbon Monoxide), a measurement of 0ppm isn’t uncommon. A very simple to read LCD displays CO up to 1,999 ppm in 1 ppm increments with +/- 10%, ( or +/- 2 ppm), accuracy. (NOTE: Whichever value is higher) Use as a personal monitor, ambient air monitor, or to check out combustion equipment the usage of the optional pump and probe. Unlike other in a similar way priced CO monitors, Sensorcon units are designed for long-term ownership. Replacement battery and calibration products and services are to be had. Manufacturer warranty is two years.

    All Sensorcon units are low-level monitors which display carbon monoxide levels as little as 1 ppm. This particular model sounds the Low Level alert when carbon monoxide levels are measured from 35 to 199 ppm, and the High Level alert from 200 ppm and higher.


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    Designed for industrial and commercial applications.
    Sounds low level alert at 35 ppm and high level alert at 200 ppm; certified Intrinsically Secure
    Visual alert, audible alert, vibrating alert, real-time carbon monoxide display from 1 to 1,999 ppm
    Serviceable for long term ownership including calibration and replaceable battery
    Waterproof to IP67 standards and two year manufacturer warranty