Romalon 62-23543-01 Furnace



    This burner flame sensor (part number 62-23543-01) is for furnaces.
    Termination: 1/4” male quick connect,Angle – sensor offset: 90 degree.
    Burner flame sensor 62-23543-01 detects when the burner flame has ignited and sends a signal to the control board to stop the igniter from operating.

    How to install
    First: shut off the power to your furnace,There will usually be a light switch (toggle switch)on or near your furnace. If this switch is not present, furnaces have a dedicated breaker; locate your furnace breaker and shut your unit down.
    Second: Remove the Sensor. Find the broken sensor. The sensor is easily accessible and typically mounted by one 1/4” hex head screw. Upon removing this screw, the sensor will slide out so that you can easily clean it. Carefully remove the sensor
    Third:Remove one sensor and replace it with our new sensor.
    Fourth:Simply reconnect the wire if you’ve taken it off, remount the sensor to the burner assembly using the 1/4” screw, replace the door(s) on the unit, and turn the power back on.
    Last:Check Your Results. If the unit takes a few extra seconds to start up or the fan immediately kicks on and runs for a bit, this is normal. Shutting down the power to the unit can cause it to reset and run through a short series of checks before trying to fire again. Once this check is complete, the unit should begin to operate by command of the thermostat. Make sure the unit re-fires and runs properly until the thermostat is satisfied, at least once before being confident your problem is solved.
    Please Note:Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

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    ★Part Number:62-23543-01 Furnace Burner Flame Sensor.
    ★Made of high-quality and wear-resists metal and ceramics.
    ★This flame sensor is a direct replacement for many Rheem, Ruud, and Weatherking residential furnace models.
    ★Easy Install:Fix it yourself is simple and cost-effective.
    ★If you are not sure if part is correct, ask us! We are always happy to help! Please Contact Us.