Frost King ACF19 Foam



    An heavy duty foam detergent coil cleaner in the convenience of an aerosol can. For use on most coils such as window air conditioners, central HVAC units, auto radiators, condenser and evaporator coils, metal filters, fan blades and more. Water based. This product can be sprayed in any position while the blasting stream easily reaches into tight areas. The aggressive detergent quickly and easily liquefies dirt, grease, oil or other residue and deposits. Fortified with corrosion inhibitors to prevent metal degradation, Will not harm drain pans, plastic or other materials in and around the area. The clinging foam is completely self-rinsing on condensate producing coils. Simply spray on and condensation generated will wash away the material. The pleasant citrus fragrance helps leave the area smell cleaned and deodorized. Contains no CFCs, chlorinated or fluorinated solvents. Cleaning coils increases efficiency and saves money. Directions: Turn off or disconnect power to unit being serviced. Shake well. Remove cap and point toward surface to be cleaned. Avoid spraying on electrical wires or connections. Thoroughly saturate the targeted area with product. With this self-rinsing formula, the foam will break and condensation accumulation will completely rinse the emulsified material. Scrubbing cap is great for removing large, imbedded pieces of debris. You may wipe clean or rinse with water if desired or if using on non-condensation producing coils. For extremely stubborn or heavy deposits, repeat application may be necessary. Turn on or return power to unit.

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    Heavy-duty foam dissolves stains, removes grease & oil, and loosens dirt
    Cleans coils, fan blades, and reusable air filters
    Neutralizes odors from standing water in drain pans
    Air conditioner coil foaming heavy duty detergent cleaner with low VOC formula
    Pleasant lemon fragrance leaves deodorized, fresh smell after cleaning