6″ Backdraft Damper



    The metal return air damper duct is an excellent exhaust device. It can quite keep watch over the air float in and out, helping your air conditioners, range hoods, dryers and other HVAC applications to achieve the best results.

    Colour : silver
    Diameter: 5.9″ / 15cm
    Depth : 3.4″ / 8.7cm
    Package includes:1 x Balancing Barometric Damper

    1.The reverse float valve can be inserted into a flexible or non-flexible ventilation pipe. As a result of different sizes, it cannot be used with plastic ducts.
    2.Manual measurement, please allow small errors.

    Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
    Product contains:1pc 6 inch Backdraft Damper.
    Prime quality: Metallic backdraft damper duct is more sturdy and durable. The One-Way Airflow Ducting Insert with Spring-Loaded Folding Blades perfectly matches the foam strip in the inner ring, which can quite keep watch over the metal windshield to release and block airflow.
    Easy to install: Insert the check valve into the vent pipe, insert two wind-proof pieces and the spring insertion hole at the same time all through the insertion process, there is a small metal piece on the outside of the two ends of the check valve to fix the check valve from falling off, all parts are combined It will have to be parallel to the ground, so that the backdraft damper can be opened and closed.
    Replaceable: This product is not a disposable product. After you use it for a very long time, you’ll replace probably the most used parts without spending too much money to make your backdraft damper look brand-new.
    Wide application range: It can be applied to air conditioners, bathroom exhaust vents, range hoods, dryers and other HVAC applications.